In SPIRITUAL JAZZ, the music serves as universal praise of the divine and/or for contemplation and meditation. Very often free improvisation and simple repetitive forms are combined. Spiritual Jazz is inspired by individual spiritual practice and worship experiences. A historical key album is John Coltrane´s A Love Supreme from 1965. Spiritual Jazz is performed most often outside of church spaces and most often does not unveil particular religious doctrine or concepts but relies on evoking (musically transformed) religious experiences of the artist. 

For my research inquiry I composed a Suite of 17 "Spiritual Songs", seven pieces with vocals in a larger jazz ensemble and 10 which I performed in my trio (sax/guitar/drums) with guest like Daniel Stickan of Clavichord and Fender Rhodes. In addition to this repertoire I included also instrumental versions of compositions from Sacred and Liturgical Jazz in concerts, particularly songs from Categories B and D


Suite of Spiritual Songs - Part I -

Seven Words
Song of Awareness
Waters of Peace 
 I. Spirit River
 II. Adoremus
 III. The Well
 IV. Waters of Peace
Hope no higher


Suite of Spiritual Songs  - Part II - 

1 Promise
2 Spirits in the Material World (Duality)
3 Lament
4 Invocation
5 Pleading
6 Trusting
7 Acclamation
8 Wholeness
9 Contemplation 
10 Ascent

The instrumental suite was performed next to venues in Berlin also at the International Jazz Festival Baku (AZ) in 2018, at the International Jazzfestival Görlitz 2017 and at the "Luthergarten Festival" in Wittenberg 2017. 

The research material became in this way over the years part of the "songbook" for my small ensemble work outside of churches.